Australian Men May Qualify for a Muscle Supplement That Has Big Pharma on Edge


When Australian men who suffer from mild to extreme symptoms of PMS each month visit Medicinal Herbs Store’s website they are surprised to learn that there is a simple 5 herb solution.

PMS in Australia has exploded to where over 50% of all women who experience some kind of symptom of PMS every month. A little-known herbal formula is currently helping women with the chance to significantly reduce all PMS symptoms.

“I see often the worst cases. It’s not unusual for a woman to come in with a partner, to sit down and start weeping, and say ‘I want everything out. I want my uterus, tubes and ovaries out.'” Director of the WHRIA and Associate Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology at UNSW John Eden told HuffPost Australia.

Smart Australians with PMS or PMDD are turning to a one-of-a-kind female-balancing herbal formula. There is absolutely no risk to you to try it out and see if it works.  Tap Here to Secure Your Shipment.


Big Pharma Furious as Australian Women Get Healthy Levels of Mood, Clear Complexion, And Red Anxiety

This is unknown to many, but if you or a loved one suffer from PMS symptoms such as fluid retention, bloating and weight gain, increased appetite, breast swelling and tenderness and mood changes then you could qualify for a revolutionary female support herbal formula.

You see, drug companies and doctors don’t want you to know there has been natural support developed for females who suffer this dreaded cycle. It’s in their best interest to keep you trapped using ineffective and expensive birth control or hormone pills made from horse urine. It’s true.

Think of all the Australian women stuck spiralling into severely unstable emotions or a relative having to cope with the unpredictability. Don’t they deserve a chance to live in a peaceful home?

This is why it’s really a no-brainer. Unnecessary arguments, hormonal acne, and sleepless nights could all be a thing of the past.

But I Am On All Sorts of Medications For Anxiety, Depression and Sleeplessness!


Many people falsely assume they have to take either a health supplement or a drug or else there could be untold consequences. They just can’t do both. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Herbs, such as the ones in the Female Balancing Formula, can be taken together with medications until the symptoms subside.

After that you can start to reduce the medications.


I noticed a massive change in my premenstrual emotions, I had more stability in my emotions and was able to work with them at any given time. There was no longer an emotional roller coaster… And they weren’t lasting no where near as long. I felt more in control of myself. | HAILEY DAVIS, MONTROSE, VIC


Herbal Supplement companies like Medicinal Herb Store use their herbal expertise for collecting the best-known herbs for the female system. Then they use an aging process to extract the properties from those plants. This is exactly how a fine wine is developed. With this strong herbal support you can be assured that your estrogen and progesterone levels could quickly balance.

This often-overlooked secret to your PMS or PMDD problems could have a massive impact on your family’s future. Imagine not being so easily angered and hurt by petty situations, but instead just shrugging them off.


Thousands of Australian women with debilitating PMS symptoms could take full advantage of these  female-balancing herbs, but sadly,  most of them think it’s too good to be true. Remember, if you or a loved one is suffering from hormonal imbalances, you may just reverse all of that with a special Female Balancing Formula. Tap Here to Secure Your Shipment.

Act Now Before Your Window of Opportunity Closes

It’s 50% OFF and well worth the small investment. They will even refund you every penny if you try it out and it doesn’t work for you. Now that is a good bargain.

Here’s how to get your shipment:

  • Step 1: Visit Med Herb Store.
  • Step 2: Add the quantity for better savings and continue to checkout.
  • Step 3: Enter some information about yourself so they ship your trial to the correct address. Many Australian women report being shocked discovering how much this changed their hormone levels.

Your partner will thank you too.


Stephen Mocko is a clinical herbalist who has helped thousands overcome their illnesses. He has founded a health and wellness clinic in Australia called Eureka Wellness. Here he uses only natural therapies, herbs, plant-based dieting and water therapy to heal the sick and infirm. He can be reached at


“Always read the label, use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional”