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How Legal CBD in Australia is Possible Without a Prescription

How To Get Quality Strength CBD In Australia Legally Without A Prescription: Successful CBD Loophole Revealed

I have something to ask you:

I want to ask you a question. It’s something you might not have bothered to ask yourself, because you think the answer is a big, fat ‘NO’.

I want to ask you this: if you could LEGALLY purchase CBD in Australia without the need for a prescription, would you do it?

Now I want to tell you something super exciting: we have found a way to do just that.

If this makes you feel so stoked your heart is doing a little jig right now, you will want to read every last bit of what I have to say, so you can be one of the first to take full advantage of this unbelievable loophole.

But first let me tell you some history…


CBD’s therapeutic benefits date back thousands of years.  

In fact, the first documented use of medicine derived from the cannabis plant dates back to 2737 BC, when the Chinese emperor Sheng Nung used a tea infused with cannabis to improve problems with his memory, malaria, rheumatism and gout.

Cannabis became popular as a medicine throughout Asia, the Middle East and the east African coast; some Hindu sects in India used it for both religious reasons and for stress relief.

Its popularity spread to the New World, with a law declaring that all settlers must grow cannabis. In fact, it was the crop of choice for George Washington who grew cannabis for fibre production.

Throughout the years it has remained highly valued and much sought after.

Then things took a turn. When the modern medical system established itself, it turned its nose up at cannabis. These new doctors claimed that evidence of its success was little more than anecdotal, and lacked the science to back it up.

It remained this way until 1839, when an Irish doctor and medical researcher by the name of William B. O’Shaughnessy, published a study investigating the therapeutic effects of the plant. This caused other researchers to sit up and take notice.

The study described various medicinal applications for cannabis, most notably its use as an anaesthetic.

An exciting discovery…

 While people have known about the benefits of cannabis for thousands of years, it took science a while to catch up.

Almost a century after O’Shaughnessy’s controversial study, scientific technology had advanced to be able to identify the presence of compounds in the cannabis plant.

In 1942, American chemist Roger Adams isolated Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. His research also led to the discovery of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

As the research continued and became more and more advanced, we became increasingly educated on the topic of cannabis. 3 decades later, the US state of New Mexico passed the 1978 Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act, which legally recognised the medicinal value of cannabis.

In the 1980s there was further study which unearthed the potential cannabis had for those suffering from epilepsy.

In one particular study by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam seizures disappeared in half the participants after only 4 months of treatment. However, there was still stigma surrounding the drug at this time. That meant that study’s discovery was not publicised in the way it deserved to be.

The 1990s saw one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in decades…

 In 1992, scientists discovered the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ESC), a network of receptors found throughout the body and brain. These interact with receptors found in cannabinoids, which work to maintain homeostasis in the body. It also affects mood, memory, sleep and appetite.

This sparked further interest in cannabis. Between 1996 and 2000, 8 US states legalised medical marijuana. This made it easier for researchers to study the plant and discover new and varied uses for it.

It slowly began to lose the stigma that had once surrounded it. However…

Many people still saw it as a ‘gateway drug’

They did not understand the difference between CBD and THC, and continued to oppose its use.

…That is, until those who were using CBD began to find relief from all number of ailments. They began to share their stories with others. More and more people heard those stories, and the public became increasingly educated about cannabis. More and more people began to try it for themselves. More and more people found the same relief from their ailments.

In 2018, the United States government passed the 2018 Farm bill, which legalised hemp. This saw an explosion in cannabis and hemp products.

Ever since, the demand for cannabis has grown and grown…

Not just in the USA, but on a worldwide scale.

The problem is, the restrictive laws surrounding CBD in Australia mean many people have resorted to sourcing it from the black market.

The fact is, this approach is risky.

The plant can be contaminated with additives and harsh chemicals such as fertilisers, without you knowing it.

There is usually no third-party testing of the plant you are purchasing. That means you may be consuming high levels of a contaminants or even THC. This could land you failing a roadside or work drug test and get you in trouble. This may not bother those who take the plant recreationally, but isn’t a good thing for those taking it for medical reasons.

The legal status of cannabis in Australia:

Put simply, all cannabinoids are considered a controlled substance and a poison under the drug laws. This makes them illegal to carry, buy or have in your home unless you have valid governmental permission. This includes CBD and THC.

Reading this makes the situation sound quite hopeless, doesn’t it?

The good news is, there’s more to it than that.

The law is a little different when it comes to hemp and hemp products. This includes hemp oil and hemp seeds.

In April, 2017, Australian laws changed to allow for the cultivation of hemp and its sale as a food. This had previously been illegal since 1937.

As part of this overturning of the law, hemp products can be sold, with some restrictions in place. Words such as ‘cannabis’ and ‘marijuana’ can’t be used. There cannot be any suggestion that the product has a psychoactive effect. It cannot make health claims. It cannot depict images of any part of the cannabis plant—including the leaf—other than the seed.

However, the word ‘hemp’ can be used. Perhaps most importantly, the CBD levels in the product must not exceed 75mg per kilogram, and the THC levels must not exceed 50mg per kilogram.

First you will need to visit a doctor, and convince them of your need for cannabis. Then you must fill out mountains of paperwork to apply for the government’s Special Access Scheme to allow you to use cannabis. There is no guarantee at all that your application will be granted.

Then once you get around that, there’s the cost. In Australia, many people who want CBD legally in Australia are having to shell out upwards of $300 for it!

The average person just does not have that kind of money or time to spare. It’s no wonder thousands of people are missing out on the benefits of cannabis.

The new kid on the block.

Here’s where things get interesting. Recently, researchers made a new discovery. It’s called nanotechnology CBD.

Basically, scientists have been able to break down the CBD into tiny particles using ultrasound technology. This technology creates tiny vacuum bubbles in the CBD. Because of this vacuum, the bubbles implode and the cell wall of each bubble travels through the cell wall of the neighbouring bubbles. This creates tiny micro-jets that break the droplets into smaller droplets.

This process continues until the particles are small enough for light to pass through—around 100nm.

At this point, a surfactant is added which coats and stabilises the particles. A surfactant is a substance that reduces surface tension and is necessary because the tiny particles create a much higher surface area.

The CBD is now a stable nanoemulsion that provides a higher level of bioavailability. This brings with it a range of benefits. We are having a special opening sale here.

Here’s how you can get it…

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this new technology is the fact that it gives us a super concentrated CBD product. This allows for a more powerful product, even though the actual CBD content may be lower. In fact, it may provide more than 15 times the bioavailability of regular CBD products.

By reducing the diameter of the CBD particles so they become smaller than the diameter of the cell membrane pore, the CBD becomes more water-soluble and more bioavailable. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of nanotechnology CBD.

We know that CBD (labelled as hemp) can be sold legally in Australia, as long as CBD levels do not exceed 75mg per kilogram.

Now, with nanotechnology, you could have a product with a CBD content of, say 45mg per kilogram, which is equal to a regular product with a CBD content of 500mg. This makes it perfectly legal to buy in Australia without a doctor prescription.

Right now there is one patented Nano Technology company that has patented this process. It is called nextCBD™.

There is only one company that delivers the patented nextCBD Technology™ to Australia—Greenify CBD.

3rd Party Lab Results Prove it

Here you can see our 3rd party testing lab. This lab report shows there is only 1.5mg of CBD in a single dose. But that is 1.5mg of Nano CBD.

Times that by the 30 doses and you get 45mg a bottle.


How to get this Nano CBD

Greenify CBD is a company that specializes in Nano CBD.

Greenify CBD uses nextCBD™ to deliver water-soluble CBD with unsurpassed quality and bioavailability. This CBD is backed by scientific data that other brands just don’t have. Whereas over 90% of regular CBD gets destroyed by the body during the digestion process, more than 90% of Greenify CBD reaches the bloodstream, where it can work its wonders.

Greenify CBD is 3rd party tested and made in an FDA regulated facility so you know you are getting what you pay for.

This gives the customs agents the confidence to allow Greenify CBD to pass right into Australia.

Check out what Marc said.


One of our loyal customers, Joe, was the wanting CBD. He ordered up 4 bottles and it arrived to him with no problem.

There is total proof of this.

First, there is his order that we see on our backend of our website.

This image shows that he ordered 4 bottles of Nano CBD with tracking. The tracking number is LZ615843450US. You can plug this number right into the USPS tracking.


Enter the number here.

Then after you confirm it you will see that it made it straight to him.


This shows that Nano CBD is legal and allowed into Australia.

Soon the secret will be out and the prices will skyrocket as demand gets crazy.

Now, just to be sure we are on the same page-so you understand exactly what I am saying…

I’m not talking about growing your own marijuana to extract the CBD. I’m not talking about importing full or broad spectrum CBD oil from the States. I’m not talking about subverting the law in any way. I’m talking about importing the legal amount of 75mg of CBD or less with hemp seed oil, and having arrive right at your doorstep in about a week and a half. Then you consuming it without fear of police or getting charged with possession of cannabis.

Hard to believe this could actually be true, right?

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Note: Customs does not know this at all times and orders can get help up at the border but are usually cleared in time.